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MET Studio’s Creative Director Peter Karn delivers speech at TiLEzone London March 2016

MET Studio’s Creative Director Peter Karn was a keynote speaker at this year’s TiLEzone London, which took place at Museum of London Docklands on 16th March 2016.

In his speech he discussed design solutions that “cross the line” or are “indefinable”, two main characteristics of MET Studio’s design approach. While this approach has often led

to interesting and successful results by creating diverse and truly engaging experiences for visitors, admittedly these can be tricky to sell as concepts to clients as they are perhaps deemed experimental and are hard to benchmark against other experiences.

However, Peter strongly believes that combined disciplines can produce the best results both creatively and functionally as it allows the designer to broaden their horizons and create more relevant and meaningful experiences as they have more tools at their disposal and a deeper, more meaningful dialogue with their team. “Crossing the line” into different disciplines is a good way of keepings things fresh, and as a creative agency this is essential for growth and continuous improvement.

“Maybe to create progress and great work we need to

blur the boundaries of design disciplines and not be afraid to create ‘undefinable projects’”, he concluded.