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MET Studio wins top design award over past 25 years

MET is delighted to have won the Age of Design Award at the 26th Design Week Awards

MET is delighted to have won the Age of Design Award at the 26th Design Week Awards at the Honarary Artillery Company in London, beating hefty competition from the shortlisted Apple iPhone and iPad, Norton F1 motorcycle and the BBC identity amongst others. Design Week and IBM’s Age of Design Award looks back over the greatest design work entered into the last 25 years of the Design Week Awards.

The award for MET Studio’s work on Wired Worlds was deemed the very best of all the ‘Best in Show’ winners since the awards began in 1990. Wired Worlds first showcased in 2000 at the point when the world began shifting from analogue to digital. Designed by MET alongside the in-house team at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford. The exhibition seeks to explain the commonplace, but at the time elusive mysteries of the internet, virtual realities and special effects through an engaging interactive exhibition.

Alex McCuaig, Chairman and Founder of MET Studio, said on receiving the award, “When MET Studio started life over 30 years ago, it was with the singular aim to help give those we worked with a lasting legacy; something that would help to engage,

entertain and educate people. MET Studio do not do design for design’s sake but through our considered creative approach, in a small way we try to help to change the world for the better. Together with the Museum of Photography, Film and TV, winning our industry’s ‘best of the best’ over the past quarter of a century of Design Week Awards is a wonderful culmination of years of applying this thinking and craft. Despite my sore head this morning, I’m as proud as can be for all of the team.”